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All profits from your purchase will go directly towards the evacuation costs of refugees fleeing Gaza. The artworks donated here for sale represent hundreds of hours of skilled professional time by the participating artists - we hope you will take the time to browse and maybe share with friends and family too. We are picturing peace for Gaza!

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Welcome to Picturing Peace, a project by artist Jane Delaford Taylor and her daughter Esther, aiming to utilize art's influence to raise funds for the safe evacuation of a family of 25 Palestinians trapped in Gaza.

Saed, the family patriarch and a longtime friend of the artist, has made the difficult choice to evacuate his family, including his wife, children, disabled parents, and extended relatives, from Gaza to Egypt. Despite his previous contributions to his community through a tech hub and start-up accelerator, destroyed during the recent conflict, Saed now faces financial hardship.

The evacuation process will occur in stages, with nearly half of the necessary funds already raised through donations. However, an additional £50,000 is required to ensure the family remains united.

Proceeds from the sale of each painting will directly support evacuation efforts, enabling Saed's family to rebuild their lives in a safer environment.

Once the fundraising goal is met, the project aims to assist other Palestinian families in similar situations. Picturing Peace emphasizes the transformative power of art and community engagement in effecting change.

The project invites artists to contribute their original works and spread awareness to support families in need. While it may not be possible to aid every family, collective efforts can still make a significant impact.

Picturing Peace extends beyond art; it symbolizes the belief that art can inspire meaningful change.

You can support the project by purchasing artwork or sharing its message on social media. Together, let's use art and community solidarity to bring peace and hope to those affected by conflict.

To donate directly to Saed's fundraiser click here -

To learn more about the artist, the family and the project, read on...


We believe all civilian families should have the right to seek sanctuary from active war zones. 

Below you'll find links to support other families desperate to save their children too.  Please add your drop to the ocean - it does make a difference!

'It's easy to feel helpless in the face of great horror, and for a kind of emotional paralysis to set in where we end up doing nothing because we are afraid our little effort will not help. This is probably one of the greatest hurdles humanity needs to overcome, and it's one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves.  We know you care if you've read this far, and if all you have to offer is a share on social media that's still amazingly helpful because your share brings in other people who care too! 

If you are still reading this and about to press a link to simply share or also donate, thank you - you are a wonderful human being!'


Jane, organising artist. 

Here are links to help other families;

This family of five have 3 young children. Their 8 year old son has had open heart surgery and needs urgent treatment.

Sharif Ahmed is trying to raise funds to evacuate his three small children to safety.

Israa Hani is trying to evacuate her family which includes children and her mother who has a heart condition.

Jana is a very young aspiring artist who needs to evacuate with her parents.

She still dreams of a career in fine art.

Fayaz is trying to evacuate his family since his home and clothing factory business were destroyed in the bombing. They have several very small children.

The Zaharna family need to evacuate their family of small children since their home and community were destroyed.

These young children lost their father in the bombing. Now their mother Aya is trying to raise funds to evacuate Mahmoud and Misk to safety.

Basel Jouda is a young student still hoping to escape the warzone to finish his degree, but also trying to raise funds to help his family evacuate too.

Hossam was injured when his home was bombed, and now asks for help to evacuate with his family which includes young children. At the moment they have no shelter and are struggling to find food for the children.

Tala is 19 years, Lara 18 years and she also studies pharmacy, Mohannad 17 years in the high school and his school was destructed, Hassoun 15 years, Alma 13 years, Yousra 10 years, Mohammed 7 years and Asr 2 years.  Tala is trying to evacuate them all, a heavy burden at such a young age.

Somaya is a psychologist, and her husband was a nurse at al Shifa hosptial before it was bombed. Now they are displaced and trying to evacuate with their small daughter.

Piaras from Ireland is organising this fundraiser to help his friend Mohammed bring his two small children to safety.

Help 7 year old Karam and his family evacuate from Gaza.

Ahmed is raising funds to help his brother's family and their elderly parents to evacuate the warzone.


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